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Photographer / Videographer services

Almost everyone likes to be photographed. Even a self-stick was invented. Fun invention, especially when watching the process. Practical and not expensive, but the quality of the photos are not always in line with expectations. Considering the fact that travel becomes expensive and people often need a year to postpone the necessary amount for the trip, then at least the pictures of your trip, just have to be of a good quality, bright and unusual.

Professional photo shoot in Paris or elsewhere !!! For example, in the park of the palace or castle. You will have plenty of ??positive emotions, beautiful pictures and a desire to come back here again!

You can also film your own professional videoclip of your trip to France. Do you want to shoot in the style of a romantic "Love story", music video, video of your sightseeing tour in France or a film about your visit to Paris? Anything you want!

With love, your LND Paris


   Our services:

 - Photo shoot with a professional photographer from 70 € / hour

 - Videographer services from 100 € / hour


* the price may be changed according your personal needs and details of the order.



€ 70

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