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French wedding

wedding in Paris

French wedding: traditions and symbols.

People often ask us if we can organize a wedding "in the French style" Of course, yes, it is our job and passion! But in the French style doesn't only mean in a miraculous place, like a Chateau, serving the best diches of the French cuisine and delicious wines. First of all, it means in compliance with the French wedding traditions, living for centuries.The wedding day is rich in symbols. From the wedding dress to the procession to the altar through the bouquet, rituals are not lacking to make this event a day that will remain engraved in memories.Undoubtedly, such of them as wedding rings, the bride's garter, her bouquet are very similar to the traditions of other countries and peoples. Today I dedicate this post exclusively to French ones: interesting, wise, funny, and sometimes ridiculous wedding traditions of the French people.

Sleeping separately the day before

According to tradition, the couple must sleep separately the night before the wedding. The interest is quiet logic: making the moment of reunion rich in emotions and a difference between single life and couple life.

The bride on the left

The bride is traditionally to the left of her future husband in the church. This tradition goes back to the time when the groom took away his future wife to marry him. Indeed, it was necessary in the time the husband had the possibility to repel members of the family or possible contenders by seizing his sword with his right hand. So romantic, isn't it?

The throw of rice

This pagan rite of throwing rice on the married couple aims at the prosperity and fertility of the couple. Rice is indeed a seed and symbolizes the history in the making. The throwing of rice is done at the exit of the civil or religious ceremony. This tradition gradually fades and the rice is replaced by roses petals or confetti or even bubbles of soap for the green side.

Almond dragees

The tradition of dragees date back to Antiquity and were introduced in France as early as the 16th century. Almond is actually a symbol of eternal love and fertility. At the time it was even used as a drug for pregnant women. Now it stays a beautiful part of wedding dessert table, a nice souvenir for guests and a present for persons who can not assist to the wedding.

The umbrella dance

It is a romantic dance that concerns the bride and groom. It is a game that usually takes place after the wedding meal and before the game of the garter. The couple is placed under an umbrella (more elegant than a usual umbrella) of white or light color preferably and large enough to house the couple. During the slow, which can be the couple's favourite song, they will make their wishes which will no doubt be exausted. The guests place themselves in a circle around the couple and throw serpentine springs on the umbrella, trying to hang them on the tip, until the bride and groom find themselves completely isolated under the umbrella covered with threads.

The chamber pot

This tradition was born in the Aveyron. It consists of waking the bride and groom the day after their wedding night and offering them a chamber pot filled with a mixture usually composed of chocolate, bananas and champagne to restore their vigor. The jar is usually decorated with toilet paper. This strange rite is a symbol of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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