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Agency LND Paris - Planning and organizing events for companies, individuals and VIP in Paris and throughout France. About Us: Our professional approach and years of experience in planning and organization of various forms of entertainment and activities in the tourism industry have predetermined opening of our EVENT company. Your event will truly be a "work of art" in our hands. We guarantee the quality and the fastest implementation of your projects with us. All of our talents and abilities will be focused on achieving the desired result and the implementation of your dreams. Why you choose LND Paris Every moment of our life is special and unique and we have to remember it, filled with joy, happiness and smiles of our loved ones. These moments evoke the brightest and strongest emotions and feelings and they remain in our memories for years to come. We want your life to be filled with these moments!!! Living Next Door to Paris - is your best guide to the world of luxury, charm and romanticism of the beautiful city of Paris. Our team of professionals will help you to get the most of this city.

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